Engineers & Constructors
Project Management & Site Supervision Consultants
Project Support Services
HR Consultancy & Recruitment
Operations & Maintenance
Industrial Supply
Information Technology
HSE Consultancy Services
  Industrial Supply
two Material Handling
two Industrial Bulk Materials
two Safety Equipments
two Electrical Bulk Materials
two Gasket & Seal
two Control Valves
two Industrial Plugs & Sockets
two Electrical Equipments
two Others
  Industrial Supply
Packing/Sealing/Stitching Pallastising
one Truck Loading Machines
one Sealing Machine
one Bagging Machines
one Packing Machine
one Sewing Machines
Strainers, Level Gauges& Site Follow Matters
one Magnetic Coupling Float
one Magnetic Tracking Float
Mixers / Agitators
one Agitators HT/GW/QED/HS
one Mixers for tanks/vessels
one NIMEX Mixing Systems
one Static Mixers KMX/KM/HEV
one Heat Exchanger
Instrument Bulk Materials
one Instrumentation Tube: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper (Inch & Metric Sizes)
one Instrumentation Valves
one Instrumentation Fittings (Inch & Metric Size) Stainless Steel, Brass, Carbon Steel
one Instrumentation Fittings (Inch & Metric Size) Stainless Steel, Brass, Carbon Steel
Flexible Expansion Joints
one Multilayer textile Expansion Joints
one Metallic Expansion joints
one Expansion jointsRubber & Metallic Vibration-Damping
one PTFE Slide Earings & Pipe Rolls
one Spring & Rubber Vibration mounts
one Metallic Flexible Hoses, PTFE & Rubber Flexible Hoses
one Constant & Variable Spring Hangers
Non Metallic Pipes& Fittings
one Pipes & Fittings for Cold Water Supply,
one Pressure Piping systems
one Pipes & Fittings for Soil, Waste, and Vent Systems, Non-Pressure Piping System
one Electric Conduit, Ducts and Fittings to NEMA Standards
Pipe Supports
one ariable/Constant Spring Supports
one Pipe Clamps, Clevis Eye rod, hanger turn buckle, etc.
one High density PUF Supports for using in Cryogenic piping system
one Sway Braces
one Rigid Studs
one Hydraulic Snubbers
Tank Accessories
one Aluminium Internal floating Roofs Floating Roof Seals Primary / secondary External / Internal
one Floating Roof Drain Systems
one Suction Lines & Skimmers
one Floating Roof Foam Systems
one Medium Voltage Cable, High Voltage Cable (Armoured / Unarmoured)
one Low Voltage Cable (Armoured/Unarmoured )
one Control Cable
one Instrumentation Cable
one Telephone Cable
one Fibre Optic Cable (Single Mode/Multi-Mode)
one High Temperature Self-Regulating Heating Cables
one Cable Accessories (H/V, L/V Splicing Kit, Termination Kit)
Components for the Petrochemical Sector.
FLANGES (from solid bar)
one Flanges B16.5
one Orifice Flanges B16.36
one Weldoflanges / Nipoflanges
one Special Flanges RF/RJ
one Spectacle blinds (Fig.8) RF / FF / RJ
one Ring spacers and single blinds RF / FF / RJ
one Drip rings (Bleed rings) RF / FF / RJ
one Flanged Paddle blind and ring spacers
one Weldolet
one Threadolet
one Nipolet
one Sockolet
one Dissembly coupling
one Special sprayer according to customers’ specification
one Auger sector mat. Titanium gr.2
one Forging spool material ASTM A182F44
one Flanged spool in material ASTM A182F51 according to ANSI B16.5-B16.9
one Crosses according to ANSI B16-11
one Lateral tee according to ANSI B16-11
one Special fittings according to customers` drawing
one Special sprayer according to customers` drawing
one Cu-Ni Overlay
one Threaded nozzles standard TB 5002/sh.6
one Weldolet, sockolet and threadolet
one SW and NPT threaded Elbows according to ANSI B16-11
one Nipolets according to standard TB 5002/sh.18
one BW Tees according to standard TB 5001/sh.2
one Tee and elbow 90 deg, according to ANSI B16-11
one Ferrules for stripper "urea plantâ€
one Lenticular gaskets with one/two branches
one Lenticular gaskets (drilled or blind)
one Mixer for "urea plant" according to customers` drawing
one Flanges according to ANSI B16-5
one Forged tee according to customers` drawing
one Fittings for urea plants
one Fittings according to ANSI B16-9
Cable Management Systems
one Cable Tray, Cable Ladders and Trunking Systems Aluminium, Hot Dipped
one Galvanized, and Stainless steel
one Cable Tray Support System & Accessories
one Beam Clamps, Pipe Clamps Pipe Hangers and Accessories for Raceway Support System
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