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MRB has a wide range of employees from multinationals and multi disciplines including professional qualified Managers and Technicians, shown in the attached MRB Human resources categories.

MRB continually comply with the Kingdoms labor law especially in terms with the requirement for Saudi-ization, Timely payment of Zakat (Tax) as well as Gosi Insurances, Medical Coverage and other benefits; thereby MRB employees enjoy descent Salaries, timely payments of those salaries, well maintained accommodation, Vacations, and all the other benefits as per the government instructions.

MRB engineers are approved university graduates and further approved by the 3rd Party certifications wherever required. MRB  has the recruitment house through which we always ensure the credibility of the credentials presented by those employees at the time of their recruitment.

MRB complies with the new nitaqath system requirement recently implemented by Saudi Government.
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